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*updated 2016.02.02

the GazettE - Division LE review
[DIVISION] was released about a year after their last album [TOXIC]. This marks the shortest length between albums released for the band. Because of this I was skeptical about the quality of the album. But, I'm happy to say my expectations were blown.

First, the concept of the album is very well presented: artistically through the booklet, audibly through the music, and visually through the DVD.

The packaging is quite large, weighing a massive 3 lbs. compared to the meager few ounces normal CDS weigh. It's essentially a giant photo book split into 3 sections. But, the GazettE utilized this well by explaining a story about the album through the photos in...chapters (for lack of better word), which are high quality. None of them are of the band though, which I'm fine with.

Simply put, Disc 1 is the non-electronic songs, and Disc 2 is the electronic songs.

Disc 1 brings me back to their past albums, re-incorporating elements from songs like [Dim Scene], [Leech], [Bathroom], and [Calm Envy]. We get the heavy dark guitars of [DIM] in songs like [Yoin], the intricate and warming guitar melodies from [Stacked rubbish] in songs like [Kagefumi], and a nice mix of these elements with their more current sound with songs like [Ibitsu] and [Hedoro].

Disc 2 also has elements that it draws from past albums, but mainly builds more off of [Toxic]. [Dripping Insanity] is the song that perfectly shows this. The melody is very similar to that of [Disterss and Coma] and [Bathroom], but it takes a lot of electronic elements and blends it into the song. Other songs like [Required Malfunction] and [Attitude] take this further with the electronic sounds pushed to even higher depths, and using melodic and stylistic elements from songs like [Tomorrow Never Dies] and [Psychopath]. Overall, it's a much more aggressive disc and contrasts nicely with Disc 1.

The DVD is impressive because not only does it immerse us deeper into the album, but it connects the 2 discs together through the PV for [Diplosomia]. The song itself accomplishes this, but with the abstract and alluring visuals presented by the DVD (and booklet), we're fully drawn into the world of Division.

A couple things I have complaints with: Literally ALL the songs end abruptly. In some songs it works, but in a lot of them it sounds like the song is unfinished (Kagefumi). [Kago no Sanagi]'s chorus, while it works in the song, is a bit bland and generic.
[Attitude]'s chorus is a bit strange too. It took me a few listens to finally bear it and now it sounds fine, but I feel like the melody could be better.

I don't think this is the GazettE's best work. Musically I feel like it falls short in some areas and it isn't the most cohesive because of the concept, which is fine because that's the idea.

But I do think it's one of their most successful albums.
It takes basically all the different styles they've played, all the different techniques, melodies, and effects they've used and combines those into their current style. They've taken their new electronic elements and more deeply implemented it into their music than in [Toxic].

This album is sort of a culmanation of the GazettE's entire history up till now and, being a fan of them since their conception, it invokes feelings of nostalgia and anticipation for their future. I'm impressed that they've thought so deeply about where they've been, where they are now, and where they're headed.

One thing I know for sure: Even with the band's slowly growing transformation, they'll always be the same band I fell in love with.

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the GazettE - Division update *8/2
Division TV Spot on their OHP


"The continuation of that scary dream DUM SPIRO SPERO" images
For people that don't want to watch the whole slide shoe, these are the images on Dir en Grey's webpage intro


the GazettE Division update *7/19
I love this so far
gAZETTe Division

Also, here's a complete tracklisting.

Division tracklist

The previews for [ibitsu] and [DERANGEMENT] are up so far.
I really don't like ibitsu, but I'm feeling DERANGEMENT.

When life gives you lemons you
and say


Sadie - [RED LINE] update *3/15
Okay, so Sadie's [RED LINE] actually sounds really dope.

They put up a PV sample of [RED LINE] on their official home page.

March 9 deliveryyyy
I thought this would've taken at least 4 weeks, but it's here!

*satisfied sighhh*

Sadie - [RED LINE] look *3/9/2012
Sadie ALSO released their new look for [RED LINE].
*sorry for the tape thing, I used -print screen- and it's on their website :P

Mao                                                  Tsurugi                                       Mizuki

Aki                                                     Kai

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Sadie - Red Line update *3/9/2012
Sadie updated their page with some new info.

[RED LINE] will be released in 3 different versions.

- Limited Edition Type-A will contain 5 tracks with the PV for [RED LINE]
- Limited Edition Type-B will also contain 5 tracks with the PV for [daydream]
- and the Regular Edition will contain 6 tracks.

Rosario was okay. I really hope they do something nice with this mini-album. Not many jrock bands (that I know) do mini-albums after this many years being together.


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